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Westminster, CA

When Dr. Lynne Louie Luu and Dr. Charles Luu wanted to open a new flagship location for Luu Eye Care they envisioned a very modern but functional interior in order to cater to their high-end clientele and patients. ADMG was commissioned to bring this vision to reality in an empty retail space in Westminster, CA.

The project included space planning for patient rooms and treatment areas, as well as a showroom, work areas, restrooms, and back of house employee break room. While budget was a major concern, the intelligent use of materials, detailing, lighting, reuse of existing infrastruture, and ceiling treatments helped resulted in a desired aesthtic and functonality that met the Client's budget yet exceeded their design goals.

Size: 2,360 sf

Completion: 07/2013

Client: Luu Eye Care

Collaborators: Vic Nguyen, Studio 77 Architects